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Friday 1 June 2018



After 10 years, 9 albums, including 3 #1’s & 4 US tours, Stormcellar were reviewed in the December 2017 edition of Living Blues, the Roots publication of record since the 1960’s, marking a rare mention for an original song-writing Australian band.

Stormcellar has never shied away from following their own path. In a career eerily reminiscent of the Blues Brothers, they are now pursued with torches and pitchforks by Country folk, Blues Folk, Folk Folk, Jazz Folk, Pop Folk and other folk who joined the mob because it looked like fun was to be had.

Mutating uncontrollably from album to album, Stormcellar have irritated the Genre Gatekeepers of almost all the major styles by refusing to stay in one category.

Outcast, they roam the musical wilderness making cups of tea and recording albums, touring from Australia to Kansas City and mixing everything they can find with everything else they can find.
At one of the 500 odd shows Stormcellar have played over the last decade, you might have seen Cellists, American Soul & Gospel Artists from the 60’s, Mongolian Throat Singers, Champion Australian Fiddle Players, Puppets, Multimedia displays, Light shows, UV Facepainters, Flamenco Dancers & Singers, Magicians and over 60 different local supporting & co-billed bands.
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