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Friday 20 October 2017


The Old 45s is a unique Canberra band fast gaining a reputation for showcasing the huge rock sound of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Their repertoire of Aussie and international hits – including memorable instrumentals – includes many favourites but also takes audiences beyond the usual setlist. 

For the young at heart who grew up then it is the music of the memories, and for today’s younger generation it is fashionably ‘retro’.  Whichever way you look at it, The Old 45s have audiences up on the dance floor livin’ the vinyl !


The Casuals 

We bring you a once off event featuring the original members of the band known around Canberra and district as The Narrabundah Shadows, later renamed “The Casuals”.

This event brings together all remaining members, so we have Bernie Nizynski, Frank Nizynski, Tony Hayes, Tony Reale and Harald Lewarth joining forces to bring you an hour or so of early hits from The Shadows. Harald Lewarth joined later in the 60's with the group then known as The Witness, with Bernie and Frank and various other members. 

Bernie and Tony have flown in from Melbourne and Harald Lewarth has flown from Perth WA to bring you this memorable event. They have put together an hour or so of mainly early Shadows instrumentals that we all grew up with!... Tunes like Wonderful Land, Mustang, Apache, etc etc.

This show will bring back many memories of great times we all shared around Canberra and district in those early halcyon years of the 60's....Shazam!!!!!!


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