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The Motorcycle Riders Association of the ACT Inc. (MRA ACT) is a not-for-profit community service organisation (ABN 95 778 768 132) whose main purpose is to improve the conditions and reputation of motorcyclists in the ACT region.

The MRA ACT was formed in the early 70’s to represent motorcycle riders and protect their rights and independence. Such things as mandatory lights on, front number plates, and crash helmets led to the motto “Let Those Who Ride Decide”. The MRA ACT worked with other jurisdictions to get rid of the mandatory lights on and front number plates, but unfortunately the hard wired switch had become the norm. The Crash helmet battle was lost, however in hindsight this has saved many thousands of us from debilitating injuries (occasionally losing can be a good thing).

The MRA ACT has evolved over the decades to provide a unified voice to the Territory Government of the day and to join with other state representative bodies (MRA’s and MCC’s) in forming the Australian Motorcycle Council.