Little Miss Oktoberfest Competition – Oktoberfest 2023

Sunday 29th October 2.30pm – register here!

What will our Little Miss Oktoberfest competitors have to do?

ROUND 1: The Chicken Dance. Our band will play everyone’s favourite party tune The Chicken Dance and each Little Miss must dance, dance, dance! The ten best dancers go through to the next round.

ROUND 2: Dressed for Success. Has your Little Miss made an effort to look Oktoberfest-worthy? We’ll be looking to see who’s our best dressed at this party! The six best-dressed go through to the next round.

ROIUND 3:Yodeling Competition. The band will play a simple yodeling melody and each contestant has a turn at singing it back. Can your Little Miss hit those high notes? The three best yodelers go though to the finals.

FINAL: Pageant-style interview. Our emcee will interview the girls one by one and ask them a series of simple and fun questions. Our favourite answers will determine the winner.


Second Runner up – small bouquet of flowers

First Runner up – small bouquet of flowers

Winner – Little Miss Oktoberfest 2023 Sash and bouquet of flowers