Miss Oktoberfest Competition – Oktoberfest 2023

Saturday 28th October 4.30pm – register here!

Could YOU be our Bavarian belle of the ball? Enter our Miss Oktoberfest contest – and please note: this is NOT a beauty contest because other things are FAR more important…

Round 1: Dressed for success and hidden talent/party trick – All participants will be invited onto stage to show off their Oktoberfest style, answer some fun questions – and reveal their hidden talent/party trick! Contestants will have 15 seconds each to show off their talent – (and girls, please keep it clean!). The ten best contestants advance to the next round.

Round 2: Pretzel-eating competition – All contestants will be given an 85g pretzel, a bottle of water and a huge cheer from the crowd. And… GO! The first 6 ladies to finish their pretzel and show the judges a completely empty mouth advance to the next round. BONUS: The fastest pretzel-eater scores a drink voucher too! (Ladies, start practising!)

Round 3: Stein holding competition – Contestants will be given 2 x 500ml steins of water to hold straight out in front of them in this test of strength and endurance. The first three to drop their form or lower their steins will be eliminated. BONUS: The contestant who lasts the longest will receive a 5L keg of Paulaner Weissbier for her efforts.

FINAL: Hammerschlagen and keg roll – Each finalist will have to hammer a nail into a piece of 4×4 timber then roll a keg around an obstacle course. The times will be recorded by the judges and added to overall results. Please note that the finalists’ results from each round will determine the winners, not just the times from this final round.


  • Second Runner Up – Small bouquet of flowers, Drink and Sausage Voucher
  • First Runner Up – Small bouquet of flowers, Drink and Sausage Voucher
  • Winner – MISS OKTOBERFEST 2023 Sash, Small bouquet of flowers, Drink and Sausage Voucher and bottle of Butterscotch Schnapps